Plate heat exchanger refurbishment
Plate heat exchanger refurbishment
When health and hygiene is key, the inevitable refurbishment of plate heat exchangers is essential.

But you will want to reduce downtime, while ensuring long-term reliability and hence productivity. That’s where Plough Engineering’s refurbishment services come in.

Our comprehensive processes are thoroughly documented and certified to the highest standards.

The plates we receive are fully cleaned and degasketted by chemical immersion and pressure washing.

Cleaned plates go through dye penetrant testing then close examination to reveal the minutest defect or corrosion.

The plates that are passed are then regasketted – and both the plates and gaskets are inspected, then palletised in pack order, before despatch for rapid installation.

That way, you can rest assured that you’ve had the most professional plate heat exchanger service.
Click here to download our PHE Refurbishment information sheet.

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