Testing a plate heat exchanger
Testing a plate heat exchanger
To prevent testing times for business, Plough Engineering Services offers a totally effective PHE testing service, focused on the hydraulic approach that we recommend.

A balanced test, at the maximum test pressure of the machine, will reveal any external leaks in the plate pack, and our unbalanced tests will also identify internal leaks and the relevant sections.

Likewise, holding time tests are invaluable for quality assurance. Here, performing a sequential test will reveal the average holding time for a product.

Naturally, we like to work at the leading edge of plant integrity checks, so we have developed the innovative Delta Diagnostics unit.

Our engineers can conduct tests in a matter of minutes, rather than hours, and deliver a full report on a memory stick.

You will find that our top quality testing services are invaluable on site and on time.


  • Pressure testing – balanced and unbalanced;
  • Pressure monitoring to check for transient pressure shocks;
  • Laptop Delta Diagnostics for results in minutes;
  • Plate pack integrity testing;
  • Holding time tests for pasteuriser residence time.

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